Crypto made simple.

Investment accounts with guaranteed APRs as high as 10%. A secure wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. Instant and free transfers between all Noomi users.


  • Invest and grow your assets

    Open a Bitcoin investment account and earn guaranteed APRs as high as 10%.

  • Support for all of your coins

    Deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any ERC20 compliant token in an easy-to-use wallet, with more chains to be added soon.

  • Instant and free transfers and withdrawals

    Send crypto to other Noomi users for free, always. Noomi also supports free withdrawals for thousands of altcoins.

About the Company

Noomi was created to make virtual financial asset management and investment easy, secure, and most importantly, profitable.

Our team of blockchain experts have banded together to build the best-in-class virtual financial asset investment and management platform that combines the traditional wallet with investment features to help you earn more no matter how the market is performing. Building on our team’s experience partnering with successful blockchain projects, we are offering an innovative new way for users to manage their virtual financial assets.

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Bitcoin investment accounts

Thanks to our partnerships and cryptocurrency investment experience, Noomi is able to offer industry leading APRs on our investment accounts.

Download Noomi today to store and grow all of your digital currency assets.

Noomi. Crypto made simple.